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Hebei Zhongtuo FRP Co.,ltd (“Zhongtuo ” or the “company)  was established in Jizhou City,Hebei Province ,the company is a professional  provider that integrates scientific research, development, design, production, installation construction and field service links of the industry into one.

The company's leading products are FRP tanks, towers, pipes, cooling towers, chimneys, flue ducts, desulfurized slurry pipes, spray pipes, wet anode tube bundles, wet electrostatic precipitators and other environmental protection equipment and accessories, These are widely used in chemical, power, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, atmospheric treatment, water treatment, construction, food and other industries, while the company undertaking environmental protection, anti-corrosion, insulation projects.

"Unity and integrity, the pursuit of excellence" is our business philosophy, we will adhere to this.commitment, dedicated to cooperate with you to create a better future.

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We will stick to this promise and sincerely cooperate with you to create a better tomorrow


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